Cathy Segal-Garcia

The following testimonials are from a few of my own students:


There are no words to describe how beneficial it was to participate in the learning experience of your class as an individual and as a “whole” with the other students.

I was especially moved by what an amazing teacher you are! You are extremely intuitive and penetrating. You know exactly how to identify the core issues that are critical to each individual’s growth. And you “lovingly” guide us with the best technical and emotional support. We all learned and some actually were able to make great strides!

It’s unimaginable to think this level of voice training could be any better anywhere for any price, much less for a mere pittance. Your teaching provides real “hope” to the entire LA community. It is such an incredible, unique opportunity for singers. Your classes are a highly beneficial, practical, affordable means for anyone to improve their voice capability. You are providing a great avenue for people to develop their voice and pursue their dreams. To me you are the Angel of Hope for singers!

Thank you so much for teaching and keeping JAZZ on the map in the LA community!
- Rae Funk

Dear Friends and Vocal Students,

I am here to testify to the brilliance of Cathy Segal-Garcia, vocalist, voice teacher and vocal "issue" diagnostician. I came to see her in a tizzy, because I had no middle voice! Whatever I was doing was not working and I was very upset about it. I was frantically explaining my situation, and in about 30 seconds flat, she interrupted my babbling, and said, "I know what your problem is, sit down. " Well, she DID know what my problem was, and she fixed it in the space of that one lesson! I was, and am still, astounded as to how she knew immediately what I was going through, and how she knew how to remedy what I was doing incorrectly with a few, perfect exercises! Not only is Cathy a wonderful and compassionate teacher, she's a great singer, a great musician and a great songwriter. For anyone wanting a better functioning vocal instrument, anyone wanting to improve their delivery of a song, wanting more knowledge of jazz, songwriting, or any facet of the music business, Come See Cathy! She is a force to be reckoned with!
- Calabria Foti (


With a list of engagements in Australia including Noosa Jazz Festival and a vocal workshop for singers in Brisbane, Cathy Segal Garcia from Los Angeles made a lasting impression on the jazz community during her visit in 2006. Her approach to teaching is holistic, weaving in the true art of telling a story with authentic jazz sensibility. Cathy has that indefinable quality as a teacher and singer which enables her to bring out the best in a band and students on first encounter. Instinctively, she knows how to individualise and personalise her teaching in large group situations. So often jazz singers feel reluctant to step outside their comfort zone, religiously sticking to the melody and not listening to their accompanists for inspiration or even creating their own impetus for inspiration and unique point of view. Cathy, due to her own unique approach and commitment to the artform is able to draw out from reticent students a performance akin to her own – warm, engaging, in the pocket and full of integrity.
- Ingrid James, vocal teacher/singer, Australia (Jazzworx Institute)

Once again,

...thank you for a wonderful workshop. You really offer a valuable service to the artist community, I can't say it enough times, thank you so much for all that you do to promote music and the joy that comes with it.
- Lisa Donna


- Angie Wells

Just wanted to let you know amazing yesterday was. You are incredible. You truly are...and I just had to tell you. In the workshop, your critique of everyone was so right on! The singers were wonderful. The musicians were fantastic. Thanks for giving us the opportunity.
- Cami Black

I sent this email

...thanking you, that you give me so much information about the performance today, at the same time, this was the first vocal class I took in USA, and you are the first vocal teacher I met in this country, I realize that you are a very honest, amazing, and good-singing vocal teacher, I am so happy and proud of that I could be your student.
- Lawrence Cao

You have a great gift

...which allows you to pinpoint trouble areas in singing. Today, our hour spent together helped me to see what the key was to solving some of my vocal and singing obstacles. I left our session today with the knowledge of how to better approach ballads, and singing in general. Amazing how much you can learn in an hour! You were organized and a thrill to work with. Thank you!
- Vince Brocato

This was an amazing experience

...and I would not have gotten here this quickly without you. Your generosity with musical knowledge, encouraging words, time, the reasonably priced workshops with world-class musicians, the way you bring the jazz community together, all of this has made a tremendous impact and difference in diverse aspects of my life.
- Rose Yvonne

Hi Dear Cathy

Thank for sharing all this very encouraging and deserved recognition to you. I felt joy to hear you sing at the Bakery, you sound so good and I hear how you have taught yourself as you are teaching me. My voice sang better just from watching you. My heart feels true affection for you with all that you have so graciously shared with me on my "quest". Thank you Cathy.
- Deb Miranda