Cathy Segal-Garcia
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April, May, June 2008 Issue

Cathy Segal-Garcia - Secret Life
Dash Hoffman records 1010

With nine of her compositions and one classic tune, Cathy Segal-Garcia delivers a message to her fans on this latest album. She wants everyone to know that seasons change, people grow, and our music parallels the transformations that accompany us through it all. Originally from Boston, Segal-Garrcia sang with her father's band at an early age, studied flute, arranging and composition at the Berklee School of Music in the early 1970's, and then moved to California where her career has connected with a wide array of musical backgrounds. The Great American Songbook has been with her on this musical journey, as she enjoys interpreting the message contained in lyrics. Her students learn early on that an effective singer must be a master of relating stories convincingly. Good musical sense and a well-honed technique, of course, are right up there in importance.

Finding spiritual encounters and meeting exotic landscapes through original folk tales, Segal-Garcia turns this latest album into an adventure for the spirit. Pianist Karen Hammack, double bassist Chris Symer, and drummer Kendall Kay provide a strong foundation upon which the singer builds pyramids of folklore that cross cultures. Take one track, such as "The Song," and plant it right in the middle of some landlocked country, far away from urban civilizations that carry portable music devices and mass media to their populace, and you've got the equivalent of a personal handshake. Segal-Garcia's songs appeal to the individual. Through her music, she communicates with everyone and anyone in an easygoing manner. Hers is a performance that grows naturally toward all who are exposed.

Jim Santella

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