Cathy Segal-Garcia
Problems You May Have
Cathy Segal-GarciaProblems You May Have

Perhaps some of you out there don't know what exactly happens in these workshops.

I've heard of people complaining that they don't have someone to help them with charts and getting critiqued, and they wish they could find someone. Luckily, this is where to get this help! These are the kinds of problems that get resolved in these workshops.

These workshops are a relatively cheap way of getting valuable information that you can go out and use IMMEDIATELY! Look at the questions below, and see if any apply to YOU!

Do any of these points describe you?

• You don't know how to get your keys.
• You have a chart that you copied out of some old music book, and every time you use it, the musicians complain, and you don't know what to do with it to make it better.
• You have a prospective show coming up and you know songs, but you have few if any charts.
• Your charts are sloppy and illegible.
• You wish you knew how to make charts yourself.
• People tell you making charts can be easy, but to you it's like a different language that you will never understand.
• Charts? What are those?
• I'll just start the song where it feels good and the piano player will just pick the right key.
• Keys? What are those?
• You don't know the forms of songs.
• You don't know how to tell the musicians about what you want.
• You have an arrangement in mind but don't know how to put it into a chart.
• You don't have a lot of money, and that's why you never got any charts together.

Or how about these?

• I want to know how well (or bad) I sound to others.
• I don't know how to use a microphone.
• Am I in tune?
• Sharp and flat? What's that?
• How does my show seem?
• Is there any way to correct my vocal problems easily?
• What should I practice?
• What material should I pick?
• Am I swinging? How do I accomplish swing?
• How do I count off the song? Do I need to count off the song?
• What do I say to musicians?
• How do I start songs? How do I end songs?
• Is there a different way to count off bossa nova's/ballads/latin/swing etc?
• What makes bossa nova sound good? Or a ballad?
• Why don't musicians respect me?
• How do I find musicians to work with?
• How do I talk to the audience?
• What is there to know about a P.A.? Do I need to buy one? What kind of P.A. and microphone should I get?

Do these sound familiar?

• How do I get a gig? (No, really, how do I get a gig?)
• Who do I call?
• What do I need to present to them?
• What is follow-up?
• How much money do I ask for? What will I settle for?
• Do I need to bring a P.A., microphone, instruments?
• Do I need to supply the audience?
• Should I ask for a break on drinks and food?
• How big can I get by my own efforts?
• Do I need a CD to get a gig? Do I need a full CD or just a demo?
• How do I make a CD?
• What does a good demo consist of? How much will it cost?
• What about do I get them, what kind of quality do I really need?
• How do I write a bio?