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by Cathy Segal-Garcia

Seeing a great number of amateur and semi-professional, and of course pro singers pass by me in my travels, I have written down some of my philosophical observations for singers on “the path”

  1. Individual spiritual path.  When I was 26 I realized this.  My life is a total reflection of where I’m at spiritually, and the responsibility of its growth is mine.  Period.  If I’m not at the level that I desire, I haven’t done something I need to.  Competition drops in its importance, in this light.  This concept even took the blame off of club owners, especially obnoxious ones!  I had many friends who stopped performing because of club owners or other business people.  If I let situations that other people seemingly controlled stop me, that would stop my individual spiritual progress, not to mention, my joy of creating music.

  2. Don’t open yourself to others’ negativity.  Be humble, accept criticism, but only from those you admire and trust.  Ask yourself, is the person helping me grow?

  3. Keep your eye on what you love.  Don’t fill your actions with stressful goals that are unrewarding in present time…work diligently on what you love.  I found that success follows close behind this working state of mind.

  4. If you’re not sure of what you love, make it a priority to sit down and think about it, and write down your goals and your purposes.  Actions are easy to decide upon, once you realize your goals and your purpose.

  5. Do those actions well.  Do them abundantly.  As you get better at them, raise your level of exchange that you receive…until there is a fair exchange of the quality of service you are giving and the value of the exchange you are receiving.  For me…this is ethical and pro-survival.

  6. Group effort.  What group can you create or join, that will aid your survival and others’ survival?  The same spiritual points of view that I’ve described for myself, get applied for a group that I’m part of.  I’m creating large effects when I join a group and work towards higher ethical and spiritual goals.  Agreement with others creates realities.  That’s how we can affect change.  It can be more difficult too, because now you’re tapping into other people’s universes, which includes their personal problems as well as their hopes and dreams.  But in a group, you’re still responsible for what you can be responsible for.  And you can make changes.

No matter which actions you may choose to do…try for completeness…a start, a developing, and a finish.  It’s called a cycle of action…and I always try to complete a cycle of action.  Real movement will occur.  For almost any gig I can think of, these cycles interpret to  a) Contact the person in charge   b) Get the highest quality package together that you can accomplish and send it out   c) FOLLOW UP!  I found over the years, at various times one of these actions will suffer.  That makes the cycle of action incomplete.  I always work toward completed cycles.  When that happens…dreams are able to become reality, and things do happen!