Cathy Segal-Garcia
Professional Testimonials

Cathy Segal-Garcia

"(on "Bohemian") Segal-Garcia … has a voice primed to explore the outer limits. She is exciting and bold, sometimes stuffing too many words into a phrase and other times climbing to heroic heights in her registry. Because of her sparkling tone and graceful phrasing, almost everything she throws into listeners' ears sticks." -Blinded By Sound

"(on "Bohemian") Alternative jazz? No. Instead we find real musical integrity. Songs that are stripped bare of the more commercialized pretentiousness of the music industry for tunes that have a unique story and artist to make sure the story is told. N.P.R jazz. The vibe of artistic integrity coupled with honest emotion for a captivating experience. " -Critical Jazz

"She phrases with complete abandon all throughout her range with impeccable time and such feeling. The human vocal cords seem such a natural instrument when listening to Cathy….Yoon Seung Cho delivers flawlessly soulful playing all through this set delivering a sound more akin to Chicago or New York musicians than what your accustomed to hearing out of L.A. A brilliant pairing to Cathy's seemingly elastic voice seemingly to the opposite ends of her range if she has them. Cathy's tessitura is seemingly endless. The scat melody on Embraceable Jew will ultimately make you spin this disc for weeks on end and sign up for Cathy's Jazz Vocal workshops. The recording of this CD sounds as if two close friends got together for a set of grooving quirky tunes that they have honed from countless musical love ins. This CD will restore the faith of even the most jaded "Jazz is Dead" be-bop loving jazz fan." -Onel Mulet, Hot Indie News

"Segal-Garcia's most compelling quality is a warm, dark sound, luxurious enough to wrap a song in an envelope of lush timbres." Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"Segal-Garcia's songs appeal to the individual. Through her music, she communicates with everyone and anyone in an easygoing manner. Hers is a performance that grows naturally toward all who are exposed." -Jim Santella

"The true spirit is there. "Secret Life" finds the singer at her best, doing what she has done successfully for years, telling a story through song, intimately, as if she were standing next to you, sharing a moment of warm sunshine together." -Jim Santella

"Secret Life brings another dimension to Cathy Segal-Garcia's musical journey. This CD has all the elements of an artist discovering new emotional horizons and combining various influences & styles into the mix. Garcia has the talent and sensitivity to bring the best together and to produce something different."
-Helen Simons, The JazzXpress Caravan 94.1FM Jazz Radio Gold Coast Queensland, Australia

"Garcia's "Secret Life" will not remain a secret for long.. This CD represents the talent and thoughtful efforts of a top notch musician.." -Fernando Bernall,

"When the Sirens, in the days of ancient Greece, enticed sailors with their song, at least one of them must have sounded like Cathy Segal-Garcia…the clear, cool, perfectly pitched Segal-Garcia voice."
-David Nathan, Marge Hofacre's JAZZ NEWS

"Cathy Segal Garcia is a magical weaver of lyric that tells stories with tones and lilting phrases that delight the mind and soul and are melodic to the ear when she performs!!" -Johnny Gorman

"Segal-Garcia exhibits an earthiness that is both compelling and entrancing."
-Christopher Loudon JAZZ TIMES-Secret Life (DHR)

"With a voice that suggests the mid-career Carly Simon, Segal-Garcia exhibits an earthiness that is both compelling and entrancing. As a lyricist, she is capable and wise, if not startlingly inventive. Her explorations of love, friendship and spirituality are thoughtfully crafted and certainly deliver on her promise of genre-spanning influences… "Miko Oiwake," which speaks with fragile beauty of her love for Japanese culture, tradition and history… and her expansive, exuberant "The Song," a soaring, multicultural celebration of female empowerment."
-Christopher Loudon ~~ Jazz Times 2008

"In Control: Jazz singer Cathy Segal-Garcia's style leans toward heavily melodic vehicles that show off her flowing, at-ease, rhythmic sense...A voice that's soft and warm as cashmere."
- Zan Stewart, Los Angeles Times

"If you closed your eyes you might think she was a highly evolved horn player..." - Larry Koonse

"Even without seeing her, you know that this voice cannot be owned by a blonde...This is a deep, rich, ballsy voice, washed in browns, blues, and other earth tones." - Paul Anderson, Jazzline

"A model of warm, exquisitely focused jazz vocalizing...sensuous voice and cool harmonies."
- Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"...The freshest vocal project which I've ever been involved in, and it's one of my favorite tapes of the past year...This recording deserves to be heard by as many people as possible."
- Peter Erskine

"The choice of material is top notch -- very interesting. The duets were special, the interplay, dynamics, Cathy's range and intonation are great!" - Marc Johnson

"Mrs. Segal-Garcia's inventive performance of an experienced jazz singer combined with wide variety of materials and her professional attitude made her very agreeable both to the guests and hotel staff. I would highly recommend her, being of the opinion that she would contribute greatly to the atmosphere of any entertainment place." - Daniel During, Director of Food & Beverage Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Yugoslavia

"Cathy Segal-Garcia is a capable and able entertainer with an ability to please her audience. During her stint with Delta Queen Steamboat Company she demonstrated a willingness to work in ensemble and solo situations and certainly more than filled the bill in both instances. It was a pleasure to work with her both personally and professionally." - Steve Spracklen, Steamboat Director Delta Queen Steamboat Company, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Cathy Segal-Garcia appeared in several outdoor concerts my company produced throughout Los Angeles, including our "Arco Concerts in the Sky," on top of the Arco Towers downtown. She gives a hypnotic, yet exciting performance, maintaining a warm audience rapport even in large, outdoor settings. In addition, she and her musicians are thoroughly professional and reliable. Cathy is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her highly to anyone." - Amy Krivis, Program Development, Associated Presentations, Los Angeles, California
Christine McLeod, Manager The Boardwalk Restaurant, The Surf and Sand Hotel, Laguna Beach, California

"Finding spiritual encounters and meeting exotic landscapes through original folk tales, Segal-Garcia turns this latest album "Secret Life", into an adventure for the spirit… you’ve got the equivalent of a personal handshake. Segal-Garcia’s songs appeal to the individual. Through her music, she communicates with everyone and anyone in an easygoing manner. Hers is a performance that grows naturally toward all who are exposed."
Jim Santella for Cadence Magazine 2008

"Cathy -I just wanted to say thank you for recommending me, as well as several other times in the past you've thought of me. Your gracious support has meant much to me coming from a musician of your caliber. And thank you in general - I hope you know I am a fan and a supporter of everything you do. Besides being a gifted and beautiful vocalist, you are an educator and also a promoter of great music. I admire this because I firmly believe that as artists it is not only our lot in life to perform. It is also our responsibility to do what we can to perpetuate the music in the grand scheme of things. If we don't do it, who will? You do it with passion and fervor. Thank you!"
Mark Tortorici