Cathy Segal-Garcia
Here are some links to cool sites:

California Pop & Jazz Council
- the organization dedicated to putting good music in the hands of good people! I co-founded it!

Gianfranco Continenza's Contemporary Music Academy
- He is a dear friend in Italy and a great guitarist as well.

Janice Borla Vocal Jazz Camp
- Great jazz want to learn how to sing and hang out for a great week in Chicago?

Jazz Beat
- Lots of cool information on educators and supplies, etc.

Jazz Camp West
- A way cool jazz camp, in the mountains near San Francisco.

Jazz Connect
- A place to find jazz things

Jody Jaress
- Actress and singer!

Wayne McConnell
A podcast by English pianist Wayne McConnell. The weekly Brighton Jazz School Podcast is packed full of interesting material for fans of Jazz. Album of the Week, Jazz Musician Interviews, Improvisation Tips and much more! 33 episodes, a new episode about every 20 days averaging 59 mins duration. Pick Episode 18 & 19 for an interview with Cathy Segal-Garcia!

Diane Leonard

Bevan Manson
- Pianist, arranger, composer, orchestrator!

Marty Buttwinick
Marty Buttwinick teaches about the survival guides and road maps for reaching your musical goals. For musicians, singers and songwriters whether hobbyist or freelance musician, beginner or professional.

The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord
100 years of jazz records on one CD-ROM - all you need to know about virtually any jazz record ever released

Tom from Fantastic Musical Instruments (626) 794-7334
- great deals, great guy....

Andy Mackintosh
Andy Mackintosh
- The best...alto sax player and lovely man! The best in England!