Cathy Segal-Garcia
Gigs 2017


Cathy Segal-Garcia at LAAC
 7:00 pm to 9:30pm 
(with an occasional special guest!
Like the great Sally Kellerman!)
at the L.A. Athletics Club, in downtown L.A.
- at the corner of 7th and Olive!

NO COVER, Happy Hour food is great and inexpensive!

Dress nicely please - it's a private club!

Very very comfortable room and gig!

  Dave Ross playing bass, is the fearless leader of the band, creating wonderful different bands every week, with great players!

                   (Like: Mark Massey, Gary Fukushima, Nolan Shaheed, Ricky Woodard, Allan Walker...and special guests too!                                Although, you all know how I love to bring singers up -- well, the management has requested that we keep this to a minimum, so don't be insulted if I don't get you up! Love you anyway! )

If you are joining us for the first time, the entrance to the parking garage is at 646 S. Olive LA 90017,

just around the corner from the Club's main entrance on 7th Street.

Remember to bring your parking ticket for easy validation.

Go in and tell them David Ross invited you to the jazz in the lounge on the 3rd floor bar!







A great piano/vocal duo

At the Artisan Cheese Gallery

     If you would like to
listen to a duo of a great
jazz relationship between
piano and vocal,


There are some musical relationships that stand out.
This is one.


FRIDAY October 6th - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


at the Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City  


Come to a very fun, small place where you can get incredible cheese and wine, great sandwiches and salads - and have a ball with us entertaining you!


Artisan Cheese Gallery -  

12023 Ventura Blvd. (north east corner of VB and Laurel Canyon)

(bank parking lot OK!) 


No cover. $20 minimum purchase.

Reserve your seat ahead...Or come early to get a good seat! 











PAST GIGS & Other gig type information!


I went to the Hiroshima area & Tokyo 

October 21st through November 15th 2015, 2016

I performed some gigs, 4 teaching clinics, and a LOT of private teaching.

If you'd like more information on when I'm coming back...doing the gigs, the clinics, or a private lessons,

please contact me!


Cathy Segal-Garcia, vocal teaching in Japan   

I travel to Japan at least once, or twice every year!  Wonderful people there!






SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21st  ~~  Special Evening concert!  8:00 pm

At a private concert in Nichols Canyon in the Hollywood Hills, a really lovely venue!




creating music with the incredible pianists, Otmaro Ruiz and Daniel Szabo, and

saxophonist KIM RICHMOND

Opening Acts:   "FISH to Birds"  and  "Bitch"






In September 2014 I visited Italy, in Milan, Bolzano, Mantova, Modena, and Brighton England!  Great people, great food!





You know, I had a jam session for over 13 years!  A jam is a great way to be entertained, to learn, make friends, get mentors, and really grow!  I've comprised a list of 14 points for your information and use! 
  • 1)  Sign up on the sign up sheet. The earlier you sign up, the earlier you will get up.
  • 2)  However, that said, please understand that THE LEADER DOES NOT NECESSARILY CALL EACH PERSON IN ORDER! The leader’s responsibility is to produce a show that is interesting. They have developed a feel for a flow which depends largely, on the next person’s quality of sound and performance.
  • 3)  Please eat and drink! If you do NOT, then the venue will STOP. Yes, this does DEPEND ON YOU! Personally! It’s not somebody else’s job unfortunately! It’s all of us … it takes a tribe!
  • 4)  Tip your waiter/waitress. They are working tonight, please be generous hearted!
  • 5)  You should feel free to tip the band as well! There’s a tip jar near the sign up sheet!
  • 6)  Be prepared with two songs of different tempos. For instance, a ballad and a swing. It is your responsibility, as well as the leader’s, to judge the previous song’s tempo, and change the feeling/tempo on YOUR song! In this way, you are contributing to the flow of the show!
  • 7)  It’s a safer experience if your song is a standard jazz song. Hopefully, and usually, the musicians will know a standard song or be able to come up with an IRealBook version (the digital music book). Don’t bring a difficult chart. Don’t bring a song that isn’t standardly done as a jazz tune. The more musicians who know your song, the better they will sound, the better they will make you sound, you’ll be more comfortable, and everyone involved will be more happy!
  • 8)  If you have a chart, preferably have it in YOUR key, with big chords on it (not tiny). Having 2 charts is a good idea, one for the keyboard and one for the bass.
  • 9)  If you are an instrumentalist, take one or two solos. If it feels good, go ahead and take another solo! But keep in mind that there are others up there waiting to take their solos too, and there is a balance that you can contribute to, in the length and arrangement of the song.
  • 10)  If you are an instrumentalist, and the singer is soloing (scatting) DO NOT solo or play behind the singer, unless it is punches that perhaps other horn players are joining in on, for a backing.
  • 11)  If you are a singer, when you’re not singing, listen to the soloists, and “allow” one or two soloists and then just step right back in at the top of the song again! You don’t have to wait for or allow everyone in the whole band to solo. (The leader may do that, but that is done for a reason…so as to give everyone a chance to “blow”.)
  • 12)  Whomever you are, singer or instrumentalist, the song’s performance is not all about you! The moment you step up to the stage, you have silently agreed to becoming a co-arranger with the rest of the folks up there. Listen, take part, leave space when appropriate, and lead when it’s called for. The overall purpose of the song is to create a magical piece!
  • 13)  You possibly may not get up this evening. This is not the leader’s desire. The leader’s desire is that everyone gets a chance to get up. The more singers and musicians there to sit in, the more possibility there is that not everyone will get up. Or not get up in the exact way that they would wish. As the singer, there is a good chance you will only have ONE song you can perform. Again, this depends on how many musicians and singers show up, and how well the leader can organize the event. It is a guarantee that if you do not get up tonight, the next time you come, you WILL get up!
  • 14)  Please, be respectful to the leader. Be kind. Be supportive, to the leader, the venue, the musicians, and the singers. Listen to the other performers when possible. This is a community service. It builds community. Community is everybody together.