Cathy Segal-Garcia
Musical Collaborations

Saturday Night Jazz DTLA at "Au Lac" award winning Vegan cuisine & alcohol. 

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“Saturday Night Jazz DTLA” in the back lounge, “Bar Fedora”, featuring different styles of high quality jazz, every Saturday, and some other evenings as well!  7:30-11:00pm. $20 cover, with special discounts for students with I.D. 2 item minimum. Street parking and/or $7 validated parking underground.

OPENING NIGHT! 1/16 Straight-Ahead-Jazz hosted by the amazing trumpeter, Mr. Nolan Shaheed, with special “Welcome" offers from Au Lac! Presently we are booked through December of 2016.

We feature all styles of Jazz:  Straight Ahead, Latin, Blues, Vocal, University.  






Cathy Segal-Garcia, Bohemian (Modern Jazz)


The Moment – Live at the Blue Whale

featuring Cathy Segal-Garcia

(Modern Jazz)


I’d like to thank these crazy, wild, and incredibly musical guys in the band. Feeding one's most free artistic sensibilities is dangerous and vulnerable, and absolutely amazing when it happens and it feels great! I love each of you, and this band has been and is so special to me. I think this is the first steady band I’ve had in 30 years, which talks about my mercurial personality...which is so easy to feed in Los Angeles, where there is an abundance of wonderful players, and so many gigs to steal away your favorite players - forcing you to try new people all the time! This is a band of favorites, who I want to work with, over and over, anywhere in the world!

Thank you to Joon Lee and the Blue Whale. Little did I imagine, Joon, when you showed up at my door more than 20 years ago, that you would make the magnificent contribution to the jazz community that you have done. I couldn’t be more proud of you.

This CD is dedicated to my cousin Linda Harris, who passed away this year. She was my mentor and friend, my cousin and “sister”. A searcher, an adventurer, definitely into the “moment”! She was the only one who really understood who I was as I was growing up. And she was the one who led me into trouble when I was older! I love you Linda! I feel you still!

Thank you to my husband, Gary Hoffman. His endless love and support of me allows me to grow in so many wonderful ways. I really picked right when I picked you, baby.


On the site of a truly wonderful vocalist, Ms. Sunny Wilkinson, you can hear her sing a song that was first an instrumental composition by the successful jazz group, “The Yellowjackets” called “In One Moment”. Then Gus Garcia and I wrote lyrics to it, called it “Mile High”, and Sunny recorded it!
Sunny Wilkinson's Website
Album title: “Highwire”
Song: “Mile High”


My song "If It Could Be", which can be heard on my recording "Secret Life" and on Youtube in several places, is also featured on Michele Weir's website, in her on-line store, where Michele arranged this song for four voices, a capella! Click on this link to listen to "The California All State Choir" singing Michele's arrangement!

This song is also the song used for the promotion of a B&B in Sicily, Italy! A lovely location, on the west coast of Sicily!


Cathy has a performance of her composition, "The Song", on a compilation for Artists For A Better World, on their CD entitled Africa. Go to and go to What's New... You will see "AFABW Africa CD released!" Go there to see more information about this good cause!